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I would've liked more crit, but getting to that Alacrity value is all . Usually DPS go for the yellow stim, while healers (and on some fights, tanks).

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Optimal Stats For All 24 Disciplines, KOTFE Edition Roles.

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for specific end game numbers look at: The Ortzid Legacy on The Harbinger.

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Best equipment specs for a PVE madness sorc Sage / Sorcerer.

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A guide to stats and damage calculation in SWTOR as of game update What Defence Rating, Critical Rating, Alacrity Rating, Accuracy The damage flytext is always white for melee and ranged attacks and yellow for Force and tech . For PvP, Bant and multi's numbers are a useful starting point.

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SWTOR endgame color crystals guide with a gallery of lightsaber swtor-yellow- color-crystal-bloom swtor-yellow-color-crystal-no-bloom.

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SWTOR + Seer Sage PvE Healing Guide written by Dianiss (updated for ) . So apparently Bioware has some magic number that they'd previously . THIS is the real question, because Crit and Alacrity are in direct competition only Healing Trance delivers its shiny yellow payload immediately.