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Shuffle and deal a deck of 52 cards. These should be evenly distributed amongst the players. To keep the game from getting too.

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How to Win Bullshit. The strategy for the popular card game "Bullshit" is very simple. Of course, you should first learn the rules of the game and play it a little to .

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Bullshit Bingo, originally created in , is a classic office game that can be the answer to this problem. Assembling a team of trusted coworkers to quietly play.

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How to Play Bluff. Bluff is a card game in which players must get rid of all of their cards in order to win. It goes by many names, like I Doubt It, BS, and Cheat, and.

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How to Cheat at Card Games. Cheating at card games can involve tricks or simple math. You may have a trick up your sleeve, be able to assess the value of the.

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Use our sample 'Bullshit Rule Sheet.' Read it or download To be the first player to successfully play all the cards in your hand. Playing the Game. - Shuffle and.

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How to Play Slap. Slap is a card game that can be played by between two to fifty- three players with one deck of cards. Your goal is to collect every card in the.

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As far as popular card games go, Euchre may not be as well-known to some people as Rummy or Solitaire might be. It's a great game that is social in its context.