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You can scan your negatives with any scanner you have at home. Take the image of the scanned negative to Photoshop or any image editing software which has 'invert colours' option. Where can I get my old photo negative developed in Delhi/NCR?.

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The year-old man is a retired graphic artist who used to work in print and Peering inside, he saw a bunch of glass negatives and was surprised by “I held the glass negative to the sky, took a picture with my iPhone then.

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Depending on how many you wish to develop, there is a gadget costing about £ 60, that will transfer both any size negatives and slides onto.

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High quality film developing, printing and scanning from 35mm and APS colour films and negatives, plus prints from digital files, mobiles and tablets.

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Trust The Darkroom to develop your old film, color contrast, density adjust She thought the pictures were from her vacation, but when she got it Found film is finding an old undeveloped roll of film or negatives in a drawer or the attic.

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We can scan negatives, slide scanning, photo enlargements & photo prints from Reprints, Enlargements and Scans from Previously Developed Film . you to scan negatives or convert slides to digital, which is the best method for saving.

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Color or B&W? Film is film, until you have the exposed film 'developed' into ' negatives.' Negatives are then printed onto photo paper, in a dark.