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The November Paris attacks were a series of coordinated terrorist attacks that took place on 13 November in Paris, France and the city's northern.

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Who were the 13 November attackers? The sister of a British man who died in last year's terror attacks in Paris has . Charlie Hebdo attacks - January

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What the November 13 Attacks Taught Paris. For years, deadly terrorist strikes in France were widely treated as isolated incidents.

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Read CNN's Fast Facts about the Paris terror attacks in that killed at least people and wounded hundreds.

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Paris Attacks Suspect Killed in Shootout Had Plotted Terror for 11 Months. Abdelhamid Abaaoud is At least people were killed Nov. They included an.

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A commemorative plaque outside the Bataclan concert hall with names of victims from the attack. Scores were killed there during a concert by.

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Abstract: The Paris attacks of November 13, the deadliest terrorist attacks on European soil since the Madrid bombings on March 11, , were the latest.

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Trial of Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam opens in Belgium who he said were treated in a “pitiless” manner with no presumption of.

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Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam gets year sentence in Belgium The two men were also convicted for possessing firearms and each.

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The two men, who travelled from Syria along with two of the jihadists who attacked the national stadium on the outskirts of Paris, were arrested.