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The first Louisiana oil well discovered the giant Jennings oilfield in and launched the Pelican State's petroleum industry. Almost a quarter million wells.

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A March oil discovery at Caddo-Pines near Shreveport brought the first petroleum riches to northern Louisiana. A museum in Oil City today tells the story.

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The first official oil well drilled in the United States was located in the quiet farm in Shreveport discovered natural gas escaping from an artesian water well.

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21, — The Heywood well six miles from Jennings was brought in, producing the first oil discovered in the state in commercial quantities and marking what.

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The first successful oil well in Louisiana was drilled in Jennings in late , spawning an industry that dominated the state for decades.

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Louisiana was discovered, and a rush of leasing and drilling activity ensued. In , the first natural gas pipeline was constructed to transport Other early petroleum discoveries in North Louisiana included.

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Details of oil and gas fields and prospects in Louisiana. Discovery of the field. .. XX. A, Scene of the first famous burning gas well in the Caddo field; B.

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The petroleum industry is first encountered in the archaeological record near Hit in what Marco Polo found it used in the Caspian Sea region to treat camels for .