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However, Least Terns in some parts of the east are now nesting successfully on to take prey from surface of water or land, and may catch insects in flight.

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The least tern can be distinguished by its sulfur yellow bill, which has a black tip. In fall, the They grasp the prey with their bill and are usually eaten in flight.

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The least tern (Sternula antillarum) is a species of tern that breeds in North America and locally It differs from the little tern mainly in that its rump and tail are gray, not white, and it has a different, more Young birds can fly at age four weeks.

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Plunges into water from flight; may hover briefly before plunging. Least Tern are widespread and common in places, but its favored nesting habitat is prized for.

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The black edge of the least tern's outer wing is conspicuous in flight. In the spring and summer, the least tern can be identified by its black crown and nape, Terns live in defensive colonies: it is common for adults to screech, mob, defecate.

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Adult Least Tern in flight; Florida, July. Likely Definitive basic and Larsson ). Ranges of Least and Little tern do not overlap, although both species may stray to Hawaii. .. In Texas, 37 live adults averaged g (range ; BCT).