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By Joseph Kabuleta. As top Universities around the Western world continue to discuss 'Christian Privilege', the latest phrase being used in the.

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"We cannot ignore the fact that Christians in the Middle East are, increasingly, being deliberately attacked by fundamentalist Islamist militants,".

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If Ms Smith had said it was time to put Islam "in the dustbin, where it belongs", the denunciation of her fellow politicians and the commentariat.

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The persecution of Christians can be historically traced from the first century of the Christian era . These attacks were formulaic and stereotyped, crafted to define who was the enemy in the debates, but not used with the expectation that their.

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For many American Christians who lean in toward traditionalism, these are have added to the sense that religious expression is under attack.

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The Canadian commentariat, at least, was almost universally disgusted by her But other commentators were eager to go on the attack. In fact.

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Now the persecution of Christians is coming to Europe is the politically correct preciousness of the liberal western media and commentariat.

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For Catholics and other Christians in the Middle East, the atrocity at the access to the scene of an attack in St Etienne du Rouvray, Normandy, (AP) while Western politicians and the liberal commentariat looked away.

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Still, he frequently attacked religion in general and Christianity in specific. .. The values-vote myth | Every election year, we in the commentariat come up with a.

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Cowardice and Complicity: Egypt's Christians Thrown to the Lions as the West Looks On before seen and yet largely ignored by an apathetic commentariat. But with each anti-Christian attack, the same old copy-and-paste.