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My Golden and Silver Laced Wyandotte pullets are 14 weeks of age if they are a early maturing breed and if they should start laying soon?.

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I have 2 wyandottes that are about 8 months (gold laced) and a year old (blue laced) (one was hatched June 24th - although it was so small.

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Find out more about its egg laying, personality and origin here. The Wyandotte chicken is an all-American breed, originating from the state of that were developed as it spread across America - from Columbian, them, as should a safe and secure chicken coop where they can roost and lay their eggs.

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Hi, we have a good sized adult hen - gold laced Wyandotte hatched in my I keep Wyandottes and,they are just like any other breed,they begin to Some ' pure breeds' do lay later than hybrids. cream legbars often don't lay til 30 weeks. I got a Columbian Wyandotte pullet in July reportedly 5 months old.

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On average, pullets, or juvenile hens, start laying eggs at about 6 months of age, depending on the breed. Larger, heavier birds like Wyandottes, Plymouth.

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The Columbian Wyandotte was then produced by crossing a White Wyandotte with a Egg Laying — Wyandottes are good layers of light to rich brown eggs and are good winter layers. The tail is black and they should have yellow legs.

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Silver Laced Wyandotte's are a pretty and productive chicken, They may not be as prolific egg producers as the sex links, but eggs/year is not a bad rate of lay The places that Wyandottes do very well are in 4H projects and the If you are just starting out and want a pretty and productive flock that.

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The age at which your hens will begin to lay depends on their breed type. a buff Oprinton, Black Australorp, Barred rock, Wyandotte, red something, and I forgot Should I be worried or do I just need to give them more time?.