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During transcription, an enzyme called RNA polymerase “reads” your genes and copies the information onto molecules of messenger RNA. The molecule that results from translation is protein -- or more precisely, translation produces short sequences of amino acids called peptides.

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abbi | Student. A chain of amino acids results from translation of RNA. What's the difference between speed and velocity? eNotes educator 2 educator.

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Start studying Replication, Transcription and Translation. What are RNA molecules mostly involved in? . What is the end product of translation? Protein.

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How the nucleotide sequence of an mRNA is translated into the amino acid has a few bits snipped out of it) to make the final product, called a messenger RNA or Instead, what we can confidently say is that it always encodes a polypeptide.

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In molecular biology and genetics, translation is the process in which ribosomes in the The product of this reaction is an aminoacyl-tRNA. In prokaryotes, this aminoacyl-tRNA is carried to the ribosome by EF-Tu, where mRNA codons are matched.

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Now, what I have explained up to this point is that translation is a process. However, another meaning implied in the term translation refers to.

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Translating text from one language to another involves a process in to determine what type of translation is required and who will be the.

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Translation is the process by which a protein is synthesized from the the amino acid methionine binds to what is called the start codon of the mRNA sequence.

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It's the central dogma(proposed by Francis Crick)by of molecular biology explains that DNA codes for RNA, which codes for proteins. * From DNA to make new.

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The end product of transcription is an RNA transcript which can The end product of translation is a polypeptide chain which folds.