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Back to Basics Part 1: A Guide to Types of Whatman Filter Paper Grades Composed of cellulose fiber, these filters are manufactured from high-quality cotton.

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This Whatman™ cm Grade 1 qualitative cellulose filter paper is the most widely used filter paper for routine applications with medium retention (11µm) and.

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Properties[edit]. Filter paper has various properties. The important parameters are wet strength, The raw materials (pulp) for the filter paper are coarse long fiber, often from fast A scan of Whatman Filter Paper 4 Qualitative taken at magnifications under a Grade 1 qualitative filter paper has the pore size of 11 µm.

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Glass fiber thimbles. 33 . Whatman cellulose filter papers are manufactured .. 1. Grade. 1. Cellulose. PM PM EPA.

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Covers a wide range of laboratory applications and is frequently used for clarifying liquids. Whatman™ Qualitative Filter Paper: Grade 1 Circles are widely used.

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Cellulose Filter Paper found in: Grade 1 Qualitative Filter Papers, Quantitative Cellulose Filter Papers, Whatman Grade 1 Qualitative Filter Papers,.. separations by entrapping particulate within the random matrix of cellulose fibers within the.

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The most widely used filter paper for routine applications with medium retention and flow rate. Double the thickness of Grade 1 with still finer particle retention and excellent . analysis with the finest particle retention of all Whatman cellulose filter papers. . of fiber shedding is utilized in carriers for integrated circuits.

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Whatman ® cellulose filters are manufactured from high-quality cotton liners, which These cellulose filter papers are used fro general filtration and exhibit particle cellulose fiber filter papers - (9) · Whatman Quantitative Filter Paper - ( ).