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So, of course, the first welder I bought for home use was a Lincoln Marquette Auto Pro Butt Joint Weld exhaust pipe with a stick welder.

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We used to call E farmer rod, it is a good all round rod. You can weld up exhaust with it but you have to use smaller diameter rod like 1/8.

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Hello. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find a reference showing the best rods (and settings) to use on exhaust and anything else.

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Can I weld this with my AC stick welder? I don't have any Myself, I'd use 3/32 and start in the amp range and see how it does.

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Let's talk about how you "might" weld a muffler with at ninety amps. Let's make sure everyone understands use this technique only if the muffler would.

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is an exhaust system too thing for stick welding with mm rods? the I weld them with stick,no problem,use carpetcleaningmarysville.com be careful.

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Trying to do an exhaust with a stick welder and lobster bends will end .. All exhaust I make are purged, I use filler and sometimes go for a.

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tight welding of exhaust systems without leaks and spatter is getting tougher. Lincoln can help, with electrode size, type and shielding gas combinations to give you . Lincoln Electric for information or advice about their use of our products.