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Birth Name, Johann Banner In , Bing Crosby Productions cast Banner as " Sergeant Schultz", in the wartime comedy sitcom, Hogan's Heroes ().

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John Banner was an Austrian-born American film and television actor. He is best known for his role as Master Sergeant Schultz in the situation His first credited role was a German captain in Once Upon a Honeymoon (), starring Cary.

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Ironically, both Klemperer and John Banner (who played Sgt. Hans Schultz) were Jewish in real life and What was Colonel Klink's first name on the show?.

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Sergeant Hans Schultz was born on September 24, (speculation), in Imperial Despite this, he is given a 4th grade (a ficitious grade) to his Iron Cross.

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Check the answer for this trivia question on Quiz Club! On the s U.S. TV sitcom "Hogan's Heroes", Oberfeldwebel Hans Schultz (played by John Banner) is.

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Klink and his sidekick, the gentle, good-hearted Sgt. Schultz, who turns it was first offered to him, by saying he presented the producers with a.

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Sergeant Schultz' Luftwaffe rank was Oberfeldwebel. Sergeant Schultz wore During the first season of Hogan's Heroes, Schultz wore an Iron Cross. Version is .

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Sergeant Schultz · Corporal LeBeau Sergeant Kinchloe was the radio operator and electronics expert at Stalag • In episode #32, "Request Permission to Escape" (), Kinch's first name was stated as being James. In episode #73, " Is.