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Do not wait long periods of time before applying a protein treatment to your natural hair. What do you do after a protein treatment?.

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Be sure to follow up with a moisturising deep conditioner after you do a protein treatment! If you're too lazy to do this in separate steps.

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How you treat your hair after a protein treatment is just as important, if not more Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water, allowing the shower head to do most of.

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The question is if your hair conditioner contains protein, do you really have to follow up How do you follow up your protein treatments? moisturizing ingredients and I figured out not too long ago I don't need moisture after.

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After a while, you'll notice how often your hair needs protein treatments. How do I incorporate protein into my regimen? There are so many.

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I relaxed my hair, but forget to do my protein treatment before, so I did it the second wash after my relaxer to make up for it. My hair is still.

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Hey yall:) ok so right now I have a protein treatment in my hair with a plastic consisting of:look: a very ripped avocado 2 Eggs 2 tables spoons.

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How do you know if you need a protein treatment, a deep penetrating conditioner /mask, or if you need a . Hair is 90% more conditioned after one application.