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It's that age old question, 'If you find one twin attractive, surely you find both of them attractive?' Beauty Editor and identical twin George Driver.

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Don't ask us a gazillion questions about what it's like to be a twin. Yeah, the Olsen twins were pretty cool and so was The Parent Trap but to her.

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My grandpa originally asked a girl out who was occupied but her twin accepted. He married her and had nine kids lol.

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GLAMOUR's resident twin, Dominique Temple, reveals what it's really like to date a twin. Potential suitors, you need to read this before you dare.

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You learn not to openly compare your date with his/her twin, because twins don't like being compared with each other, even more so than mere siblings.

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But twins are like night and day. Their personalities are SO different it's crazy. Of course, they sound the same on the phone, so it takes some.

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My boyfriend's twin is like a brother to me. It's nice I started dating a twin. . I used to date an identical twin, her sister and I did NOT get along.

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Instead of feeling like you need to be around the second twin all of the time, organize specific events to go on a double date, or create group get-togethers.