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The transient keyword in Java is used to indicate that a field should not be part of the Variables may be marked transient to indicate that they are not part of the.

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transient is a variables modifier used in serialization. At the time of serialization, if we don't want to save value of a particular variable in a file, then we use.

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transient is a Java keyword which marks a member variable not to be serialized when it is persisted to streams of bytes. When an object is transferred through.

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Example of Java Transient Keyword, If you define any data member as If you deserialize the object, you will get the default value for transient variable.

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In this post we are going to examine what a transient variable is in Java and learn how to use them in the right context. In order to do that we are.

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Transient variables cannot be serialized. During serialization process, transient variable states will not be serialized. State of the value will be always defaulted.

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transient variable in Java is a variable whose value is not serialized during Serialization and which is initialized by its default value during de-serialization.

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Before Transient you should know about Serialization Serialization is process of making the object's state persistent which means that the state of the object is.

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The Java transient keyword is used on class attributes/variables to indicate that serialization process it should ignore such variables while.

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Neither are transient variables. A transient modifier applied to a field tells Java that this attribute should be excluded when the object is being.