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The two top stars of the Attitude Era, Stone Cold Steve Following the event, WWE shifted to TV-PG.

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The “PG Era” in WWE refers to this time, when WWE shifted its focus from a more edgy product, to a family friendly product. Especially after the Chris Benoit.

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The PG era seemed all hunky-dory when the WWE first introduced it, but there has been a deliberate attempt to move away from it in recent times. Storylines are .

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Is there a positive side for the PG-era today in WWE.

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The Attitude Era had been gone for years by this point, but WWE was still want to admit it or not, going PG was the right choice in many ways.

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There have been many times over last 10 years that non-PG content has sneaked into the WWE product. Here are 10 Times PG Era WWE Was.

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New Generation Era (Early to mid '90s). Attitude Era (mid '90s to early s). Ruthless Aggression Era ( to ). PG Era ( to ). Reality Era.

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The PG-era of WWE has a strangle hold on WWE. The PG-Era has ushered in the return of the gimmicks of the 80s, and given us a watered.

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After playing devil's advocate in telling you ten reasons why PG is good for the WWE, Eddie Mac tells you ten reasons why it's not good for.

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WWE has been a PG-rated television company for almost a decade now. The decision to go PG was made by Vince McMahon due to wanting.