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When you buy a suit or wool fabric, the chances are that you will.

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The S number often is used in conjunction with the word "super" For wool blend fabric descriptions, the word Super is not permitted.

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Wool fabric has embedded itself in the apparel industry as a luxury fabric without equal. A Super will be incredibly fine and smooth, and anything higher is.

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A super can make a beautiful suit when you get into Super 's and up you Super any number means: how much 1 Grams of wool or any of that fabric.

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It feels a lot silkier because it is not mixed with any recycled wool. We also have these numbers for non wool fabrics. If you buy a suit with a super , ,

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There's no doubt that a Super 's wool will feel better on the body, a suit for big Friday nights as snags in finer fabrics happen much more.

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Here is a beautiful merino wool suiting fabric in an eclipsing 'Navy Blue' coloration. This is a 'Super ' wool which refers to the thread count of the spun yarns.

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You should also know that worsted wool fabric is very resilient. That is, it wants to Super s, s, s – what does it mean? As the story.

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I often see references to these designations for wool suit material and that anything over super may not be the best choice fabric for a suit.

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Super 's wool fabrics from the world-renowned British and Belgian manufacturers. Enjoy our widest range, large colour palette and impeccable quality!.