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(a) Any fraudulent or intentionally false statement in any record or report that is kept, made, or used to show compliance with the subchapter, or exercise any.

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Mar 4, Falsifying documents” is a type of white collar crime. Bank account records; Business record keeping books; Immigration documents (such as.

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Falsifying documents is a serious offence that can result in criminal charges. If an employer keeps false or incomplete records, the Employment Relations.

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Mar 21, Falsification of EMS records is nothing less than a deadly sin. A single incident can end employment, jeopardize continued certification and.

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Aug 3, Intentional falsification of records includes making a false statement in any record that is kept. Additionally, it could include distributing copies of.

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Dec 29, The act of altering records is an example of document falsification, which is a white-collar crime. Sometimes, the effort is quite sophisticated, but.