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Cloud ear fungus is an edible jelly fungus. It grows on trees in mountainous regions, It is also known as black fungus, black Chinese fungus (or mushroom), wood ear fungus, wood fungus, Jump up to: "Cuisine - Food - Cloud ear fungus ".

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Black fungus, or Auricularia polytricha, is sometimes known as wood ear, cloud ear, Judas ear or tree ear. Black fungus may lower cholesterol and blood sugar, according to the Sierra Club Pro website. Due to the ability of black fungus to help with blood circulation, it is also.

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I never expected I'd be eating something called “black fungus” but it's delicious Wood ear is a VERY important food for us that should be.

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Also known as cloud ear, tree ear or silver ear. They have a slightly crunchy texture and delicate, almost bland flavor that more often than not absorbs the taste.

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Since I've told you about white fungus, it's only fair that I also bring your attention to black fungus. This edible fungus grows on trees and is.

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Black fungus is a common and inexpensive ingredient on Chinese dinner table. It labeled as a medicinal food for thousand years known for its.

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Modern dietary researchers have nicknamed black fungus “meat of vegetarian food” as the nutritional value provided is highly comparable to that of animal.