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Generating Light HID Color HID Efficiency 35W vs 55W Lumen Lies . However this is still better than a factory halogen bulb though, which usually produces.

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The dim candles that adorn the front of the car need replacing with something better purely on safety ground so I've been looking at HIDs.

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To make an HID system operate a high-voltage pulse must be transmitted to HID bulb and that's where the ballasts run the show.

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A set of 55w HID are waaaay more brighter than 35w HID. . its nice and help you see better but the drive's will flash you more they the 35w.

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The picture below shows HID K one is 55W and one is 35W for comparison. Can you tell which one is which? What do you think?.

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The HID ballasts are great way to emit the whiter and brighter light on the road when installed at your vehicle. Which is better: 35W or 55W HID headlights?.

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I good OEM ballast will be brighter than any aftermarket 35w ballast. I think you are better off not doing the ultinons as they are what will.

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HID is the abbreviation for High Intensity Discharge. This type of light for your car is also known as a xenon lamp because the illumination is created by the.

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35w, 50w, and 75w power plants to operate HID / Xenon Bulbs ยท HID Ballasts ( OEM) Category . Washes out the color of the HID bulb (if that bulb is not specially made for 55w ballasts). W: . Is brighter always better? Looking for a.

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55w hids are more bright than 35w hid but generate more heat so . choose digital ballast anyhow, 55w digital ballast is better choice, i think.