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As a progressive degenerative joint disorder, OA is characterized by cartilage damage, changes in the subchondral bone, osteophyte formation.

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J Bone Joint Surg Br. Sep;72(5) The structure of the human subchondral plate. Clark JM(1), Huber JD. Author information: (1)Department of.

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We have investigated the temporal and the spatial relationship between bone remodelling in subchondral bone plate (Sbp) and trabecular.

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The subchondral bone plate is composed of two layers that separate articular cartilage from the marrow-containing cancellous bone. The superficial layer.

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Researchers are finding out that osteoarthritis is not entirely about worn cartilage. Learn how subchondral bone may also play a significant role.

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Early models of OA suggest thinning of the subchondral plate in addition to trabecular bone changes. In the present study subchondral bone changes were.

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As the cartilage layer thickness decreases the subchondral plate thickness and disorientation, as measured with LBP, increases. Calcified.