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The employee must authorize the transaction before the contribution can be deducted. Elective-deferrals can be made on a pre-tax or after-tax.

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Here's how salary deferral and (k) deferral contributions work. these are called tax-deferred contributions or pre-tax contributions.

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Salary reduction/ elective deferral contributions are pre-tax employee contributions that are a generally a percentage of the employee's.

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Roth elective deferrals are an optional plan feature that may be incorporated in Traditional pre-tax employee elective contributions are made with before-tax.

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Define Pre-Tax Elective Deferral Contribution. means an amount contributed to the Plan by a Participant in conjunction with his or her Payroll Withholding.

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Earnings are not taxable at distribution if certain. Additional education for employees to decide whether pre-tax elective requirements are met. deferrals or Roth.