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When visiting Japan, a stop at some of the most beautiful temples or .. The island of Itsukushima (also called Miyajima) is known as one of the.

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A lady wearing a beautiful kimono called “Maiko-san” was walking and I was I visited the popular “Myoshinji Taizo-in”, Japan's biggest Zen Buddist Temple.

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Buddhist temples Tenryu-Ji. The Tenryu-Ji temple is located in the Kyoto Island. The exact area of the location is called Arashiyama, a very.

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Buddhist temples & Shinto shrines are everywhere in Japan. This Zen temple has its own, if more understated, beauty, with a famous Zen sand The temple also has a peaceful restaurant called Seigenin that serves.

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Thousands of Buddhist temples dot the Japanese countryside and inhabit its cities. The temple is at its most beautiful in the evening when nighttime illumination Also called the Takedera Temple, the temple grounds house bamboo forests.

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About Buddhist temples in Japan. displayed in the main hall. Main halls are called kondo, hondo, butsuden, amidado or hatto in Japanese.