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There are many species of ladybird beetles, also referred to as lady beetles or laid upright in clusters of , usually located near colonies of insects they eat.

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Many ladybird species are considered beneficial to humans because they eat phytophagous insects ("pests of plants", sometimes called "plant pests"), but not all.

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But farmers love them because they eat aphids and other plant-eating pests. One ladybug can eat up to 5, insects in its lifetime! Most ladybugs have oval.

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Ladybugs, also called lady beetles or ladybird beetles, are a very beneficial group. A single lady beetle may eat as many as 5, aphids in its lifetime.

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The pest seems to disguise itself as a harmless ladybug in order to infiltrate our gardens and homes. Asian lady beetles are like the dastardly.

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Coccinellidae is a widespread family of small beetles ranging in size from to 18 mm ( to inches). The family is commonly known as ladybugs in North America, and ladybirds in Britain and other parts of the English-speaking world. Entomologists widely prefer the names ladybird beetles or lady beetles as . An ' explosion' in the number of orange ladybirds, which feed on.

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Who doesn't love a ladybug? Also known as ladybirds or lady beetles, the little red bugs are so beloved because they are beneficial predators.

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Is there a difference between lady beetles and ladybugs? Both adult and larval ladybugs are known primarily as predators of aphids but they also prey on.

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Some lady beetle species eat plants, fungi that grow on plants, or pollen. image of Lady Beetles Ladybird Beetles Ladybugs Distribution Map. Distribution in.

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Ladybirds are widely adored for their spotty bodies, but these cute beetles often eat each other and are infested with blood-sucking mites.