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Does a readability score of 70 mean you sound like an eighth-grader? Nope! Remember, a readability score doesn't measure your writing skills.

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Your site's readability score is a good indication of how well it can do in That means we should be looking at a 7th grade reading level (that's.

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Did you know a good readability score is imperative for creating Readability is roughly defined as “how easy it is for someone to read a piece.

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Readability scoring approximates how many years of schooling someone needs in order What do the names of the scoring systems mean?.

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It can also mean the number of years of education The grade level is calculated with the following formula.

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Readability is the ease with which a reader can understand a .. A T-unit is defined as an independent clause and any dependent clauses attached to it. Other syntactical units are then counted.