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The sad fact is that some people do not treat leased the same way they would if owned. I've seen laptops that came off of lease. I wouldn't touch.

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Off-lease PCs are also going to typically carry an as-is warranty with them, simply meaning that if something breaks, you're responsible.

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Refurbished, Certified Refurbished, Off lease, Grade A Product Those are all marketing terms and mean absolutely zero when comparing.

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I'm thinking of buying a Dell GX "Off Lease" Computer for $ on TG. (for the Hard drive, and operating system [Win. XP Pro]). So just.

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Helpful Information to Off-Lease Computers Before anything else, let's define the definition of 'off lease.' Off lease describes equipment that has.

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There are a number of significant differences between a refurbished is to sell items that are “off-lease,” meaning a corporate customer leased.

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Refurbished laptops can be a bargain compared to some new models, but it's process takes them off the fast-moving electronics market for a few months.

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How to Buy off Lease Computers. Off lease computers are any desktop or laptop computers that were purchased on lease and then returned by the buyer at the.