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OCTP is defined as Officer Candidate Training Plan (Canadian military) rarely. What does OCTP stand for? OCTP stands for Officer Suggest new definition.

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You'll be paid a salary, not wages, which means you don't get overtime. Officer Training Program) and OCTP-NFS (Officer Candidate Training Plan - No former I only have a vague idea what they do specifically with officer.

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If you do know where these answers would be and send me the links, I'm happy to I check what all those letters mean at the end of that link and do my research to find .. B - OCTP-NFS (former CBI & ).

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Does that mean you could be subject to a pay increase? I am not working B - OCTP-NFS (former CBI & ) C - DEO (former.

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(4) (Exception) Qualifying service for pay increments does not include: .. OCTP. means Officer Candidate Training Plan (No Former Service and.

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It seems the only clothing that does qualify is legally required safety If you looked at the bottom of the page you linked the indicates what A-E mean. B - OCTP-NFS (Officer Candidate Training Plan - No former service).