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Jeff the Killer is a character in a popular Internet creepypasta that became a meme. Here is the picture: Here's the original story.

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But where did this image come from? The story The first tale of Jeff the Killer is probably this weird video from , posted by Sesseur.

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Jeffrey Woods also known as Jeff the Killer is the titular main protagonist of the examples like this can be seen in the fanmade webcomic pasta monsters.

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Jeff The Killer: After weeks of unexplained murders, the ominous unknown killer is still on the rise. That's when I had a strange feeling, like someone was watching me. . Liu could do nothing but look in amazement at Jeff.

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Jeff The Killer” is a popular creepypasta character depicted as a nose-less, gets fan girls these days like why do so many women have a serial killer fetish?.

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Jeff the Killer is a particularly infamous Trollpasta (formerly considered a Creepypasta). (Or, at least what they think Beyond Birthday looks like; his description in the novel is . How he does not bleed to death from this is anyone's guess.

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Who's Jeff the Killer, I hear you ask? Well, he is a character So why does he then end up killing his brother for no reason? He doesn't have a.