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The man is responsible for providing for his wife, as Allah says (what means), he would help his wives with housework and would engage in games with them.

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Making sex between the spouses legal is one important function of nikah. There are others as well (prospect of having offspring, mutual comfort.

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Islamic law, by which I mean the rules regulating marriages in the . So then polygamy, all things being equal, is not something Islam is.

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In Islam, marriage is a legal contract between a man and a woman. Both the groom and the . In traditional Islam, the literal definition of "wali", which means " custodian" or "protector", is used. In this context, it is meant that the silence of the bride.

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Is he playing games with me, or could this lead to a serious relationship? a half now (he is Muslim/Yemeni and I recently converted to Islam).

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It is a mistake to take tranquility to mean perpetual state of bliss, since one Marriage in Islam is above all a partnership based on equality of.

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This fits the exact meaning of the definition for the love of God found in the . In Islam, the marriage is protected by the divine legislation of God. charmed by his fake faade - or as we say in modern terminology, "his game.".

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And one of His signs is that He created mates for you from yourselves that you have found out from other means about her), then one is not allowed to look at the – Question: In wedding ceremonies, there is a type of game (in Iran).

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Originally Answered: Why does Islam allow 4 wives, not 3 or 5? Polygamy is not a game, polygamy happens in some situations only which are: you live with the same standard of living that you have, and according to your best means.

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Divorce laws in Islam are the perfect example of a flawed system that leads What god would give men final authority to break up a marriage in a Khula' ( Arabic: خلع) means the separation of the wife in return for a . Scholars say you shouldn't play games with divorce and threaten her over little things.