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Like chives, which we highlighted last week, oregano is another Where: Oregano is one of those plants that looks beautiful planted I let my oregano do what it does on its own. To obtain the optimum potency of flavor, harvest oregano leaves just before the plant flowers, if you can time it perfectly.

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Common oregano for decoration (its lavender flowers look pretty in the garden and are also used in . Does this sound like your treatment? your leaves?.

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Most herb growers know that oregano leaves have the strongest and most desirable flavor before the flowers bloom. Oregano leaves have a very strong flavor, but the flavor of the flowers is more delicate. The small, pink or white flowers growing on the ends of oregano stems add.

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May 26, in Fruit/Vegetable/Flower Gardens | Tags: flowering oregano, Good to Grow, hardy herbs, herb flowers, herbs in bloom, oregano blooming.

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A very intriguing form of Oregano, this forms a low trailing mound of powdery blue -green foliage. Summer through fall it bears drooping heads of hop-like flowers.

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Plants do not like to be too wet in winter, so place pots in a sheltered spot Aphids: Look for colonies of greenfly on the soft shoot tips of plants or on leaves. Oregano:Origanum vulgare: dark-green leaves topped with pink flowers in summer.

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Oregano (Origanum) is a hardy herb that will grow easily in your garden for years . however, the golden oregano variety does best in partial shade; its leaves As with most herbs, oregano leaves taste best before the plant flowers. and Cuban oregano: Similar to oregano, it is not in the oregano family.

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Marjoram or Oregano? They are both very attractive garden plants, especially when flowering, and there are also varieties with golden coloured leaves.

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Not sure what you're looking for? Ornamental Oreganos. Ornamental oregano sounds like a mistake. These include Dwarf Pink Saso Oregano, Dittany of Crete, Hopley's Purple, Kent Beauty Oregano, They all do well in containers.