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The Counter-Reformation (Latin: Contrareformatio), also called the Catholic Reformation (Latin: .. The emphasis on the Pope is a reaffirmation of the medieval papalism, while the Council of Trent defeated .. the text so that all words would be intelligible and the textual meaning be the most important part of the composition.

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Counterreformation definition is - the reform movement in the Roman Catholic Church following the Reformation.

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the movement within the Roman Catholic Church that followed the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century. The reaction of the Roman Catholic Church to the Reformation. Many Jesuits were leaders of the Counter Reformation.

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The counter reformation was started by the Roman Catholic Church in reaction to the Protestant reformation. The main goals of the Counter Reformation were.

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Counter-Reformation, also called Catholic Reformation or Catholic Revival, in the history of Christianity, the Roman Catholic efforts directed in the 16th and early.

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the reaction of the Roman Catholic Church to the Reformation reaffirming the veneration of saints and the authority of the Pope (to which Protestants objected); .

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Counter-Reformation definition: the reform movement of the Roman Catholic Church in the 16th and Certain noun phrases do not have a determiner at all.

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Answer: The Counter-Reformation was Roman Catholicism's response to the Protestant Reformation. In the late 15th and early 16th centuries, Christians began.

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The Counter-Reformation, also known as the Catholic Reformation or the any sacraments); and that the pope is the successor of Saint Peter.

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Catholic Reformation and Counter-ReformationScholars use the terms Catholic Counter-Reformation means the steps the Catholic Church took to oppose the .