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AUE KAPAKU (You're going to fall) "TE VAKA BEATS" is a 10 track album of new percussion tracks written by Te Vaka's master percussionist - Matatia Foai.

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Aue kapaku (you`re going to fall) Te Vaka (DVD: Live Aue kapaku aue You`re going to break your. Sa hi, sa You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine: A Novel.

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Ki Mua, released in , is the second album by the Oceanic group, the beginning of Vaka atua and Aue kapaku which are traditional Tokelauan songs. . In all these languages, the term also means "cleared, free of weeds, trees, etc".

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Te Vaka is an Oceanic music group that performs original contemporary Pacific music .. of Vaka atua and Aue kapaku which are traditional Tokelauan songs. more. .. A tepukei (from Te Puke, meaning an ocean-going canoe) is a very old .

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Aue definition is - —used in Polynesia to express an emotional reaction (such as sorrow, surprise, or affection).

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dancers ;) 2/2(Sat.) Tiare Tahiti Aue Kapaku by VARUA - Te hui purotu. I'm going to take a hula class tomorrow, does anyone else want to join in? See More. hula hands and their meaning; please, if you want to copy & learn it.

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What does Aue mean? Everything name meaning, origin, pronunciation, numerology, popularity and more Aue Kapaku by Te Vaka from the Album Ki Mua.

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Hula - Na 'Olelo O Ka Pu'uwai Hula - The Language Of The Heart Champion dancer Haunani Paredes moves to the chant Kui Wailua, from the legend of Pele, .

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Aue ite nuku o papa e. Tali: Aue aue Papa e. Aue Papa e. Aue aue 1. can also mean to listen to, to lend your ears, etc. 2. alt. loto literally.

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Aue kapaku (Live) . Te Vaka (it means 'the canoe') are by far the best of modern Polynesian bands, as anyone who has caught them live at WOMAD or.