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Some kittens grow explosively, reach their full size at ten months, and stop. A healthy Ragdoll should be meaty and solid; built like a wrestler, not like a with adult food, as Ragdolls may continue growing, off and on, up to four years of age.

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Adult Ragdoll Cats: How Much Do You Know About These Furry Ragdolls keep growing for a while, and Ragdoll cat weight is on average.

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In addition to how to select a reputable breeder or what age to bring your kitten . depending on their breed, kittens stop growing anywhere from 8 to 16 months. Do you have a Ragdoll cat, and if so, how big did they grow?.

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Ragdoll cats are known for their silky, rabbit-like fur, bright blue eyes, and But their large size doesn't stop them from seeking affection – they.

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From the svelte Sphynx and Siamese, to the seemingly supersized Maine Coon and Ragdoll — all little kittens, with proper nutrition, will grow.

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I'm curious to know when everyone's doll stopped growing (gaining four, but ours seemed to stop when cats normally do: a little over a year.