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Nipper (–) was a dog from Bristol, England, who served as the model for a painting (later known as RCA Victor and then RCA Records); Victor's Bluebird label; Zonophone; Berliner's (and later He was a mixed-breed dog and probably part Jack Russell Terrier, although some sources suggest that he was a.

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At midth century, so great was the inquisitive terrier s fame that RCA distributor RTA Corp. erected a four-ton, foot-tall Nipper atop its.

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The dog sitting attentively and eternally next to that old-fashioned phonograph horn on RCA Victor records is a pooch named Nipper, who looks to divine who gave the breed its official moniker, the Parson Russell Terrier.

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Nipper was described as a "great hunting dog and a strong Mike Wilcox, " Advertising History: The Origin of 'Nipper', the RCA Victor Dog".

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I have had many discussions about the breed of the RCA Victor Dog. The original RCA Victor dog (Nipper) was a smooth fox terrier. Nipper belonged to the head.

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The RCA dog was most likely a mutt mix of a fox terrier. Known as Nipper, the terrier belonged to Royal Academy British artist Francis.

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The iconic image of the RCA dog was modeled after the painter's dog--a dog by For both Victrola and later for RCA-Victor, and eventually RCA Company, the.

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Hence, when RCA Victor came out as a label in the UK, the label was rather He was a cross-breed terrier who was born in in Bristol.

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There's argument as to his specific breed – some say he was a Jack In , RCA Radio Corporation of America purchased Victor, and kept.