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Hi, I changed my brake pads a month ago to Project Mu Spec B ( degrees Even with anti-squeal, you will still get a sound from between the pad and the rotor. but i was always told that on new brakes. drive up to 70km/hr. slam the brakes hard i had the pmu HC+ pads and they squealed hard!.

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Project Mu HC+noise issue after heating up during DD Suspension | Chassis After driving for mins in CA temperatures, my pads start to squeal. . My HC+ 's squeal a bit under light braking pressure as well.

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So now I have Project Mu discs & pads up front, and stock Do they also produce a really loud noise when the brakes are applied? So whats a good pad that doesnt produce brake squeal in cold/street driving but still.

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Hey guys, At around miles, I installed a set of Project Mu My issue is that my car will occasionally/often make a squealing sound (similar to the one are cold) while I am driving at a constant speed (not braking at all).

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I have Project Mu HC pads on the front of mine and they squeal unbelieveably Hot or cold, heavy or light braking they sound like i'm torturing.

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IS F () - Project Mu Type NS | Squealing excessively - Hi, I know many of a lot of noise, then I swapped the Mu's in and the squealing went away ( along with 3/4ths of the dusting too). Now I notice that the squealing happens in stop and go traffic with Project Mu HC+ Introductory Special.

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Thinking about getting some Project Mu HC pads for the BRZ. Has anyone used them for an extended period of time and can comment on cold bite, dusting, noise, etc? I had them nicely bedded in and had no squeal.

chitty wholesale ltd guildford high school The single piston sliding caliper design of the M3 may be more prone to vibrations and noise. Overall on the M3 - great on track, ok on street with some squeal. I don't drive my car in the winter so "cold" performance is going to be in the 50s for.

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Has any installed the front Project MU HC brake pads? on hendy performance, these pads tend to make more brake squealing noise. . Only when they are stone cold or in traffic learn to use the brakes abit different to.