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When a file is created on a Linux system the default permissions In this example we can see that the system call open() is made with the.

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To create permissions to files on your Samba server, you should use ACL ( Access user::rwx group:: - group:manager:rwx mask::rwx other:: - default:user ::rwx.

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Unfortunately, there is just no way to do this with Linux ACL's. It's true that the mask will appear to do exactly what you want, as far as effective permissions.

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You can use default ACLs only on a directory but if a file inside that directory does not have an ACL, it inherits the permissions of the default ACLs of the directory.

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The POSIX ACL standard defines “default” ACLs which can be applied to a And so we have the great POSIX ACL mask problem, which is by.

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POSIX ACLs (access control lists) can be used as an expansion of the traditional Default ACLs do not have an immediate effect on access permissions.

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The Linux getfacl and setfacl command line utilities do not strictly follow POSIX . If the parent directory has no default ACL, the permissions of the new file are.