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Chitons /ˈkaɪtənz/ are marine molluscs of varying size in the class Polyplacophora, formerly known as Amphineura. About extant and fossil species are recognized. They are also sometimes known as sea cradles or "coat- of-mail shells", or more formally as loricates, polyplacophorans, and .. The Greek-derived name Polyplacophora comes from the words poly-.

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Neopilina is a highly derived genus of modern monoplacophoran. Some molecular results show that they fall within the polyplacophoran clade, although these.

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Polyplacophora(Chitons) Phylum MolluscaClass PolyplacophoraNumber of apparent differences between the shell valves of polyplacophorans and the found in aplacophorans suggest that chitons stand alone as a uniquely derived group.

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Polyplacophorans include about extant species. Lacking this feature, the paleoloricatates are considered less derived. One genus is predatory, trapping small invertebrates under the fringe of the mantle, and then eating the captured.

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Polyplacophoran anatomy photos by E. Eugenia Patten, © California Academy of Sciences; polyplacophoran anatomy by Josée Soucie, © BIODIDAC.

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Find out information about Polyplacophoran. common name for rock-clinging marine Shaping the things to come: ontogeny of lophotrochozoan neuromuscular or polyplacophorans of several species, and a range of pagellids of the genus.

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(Animals) Also called: coat-of-mail shell any small primitive marine mollusc of the genus Chiton and related genera, having an elongated body covered with.

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Mollusca is an animal phylum with vast morphological diversity and . set of dorsoventral muscles of recent polyplacophorans is a derived.

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For the mollusc genus, see Chiton (genus). sea cradles or "coat-of-mail shells", or more formally as loricates, polyplacophorans, and occasionally as polyplacophores. .. The Greek-derived name Polyplacophora comes from the words poly-.

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Mollusk: Mollusk, any soft-bodied invertebrate of the phylum Mollusca, members of the polyplacophoran family Lepidopleuridae consume.