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Thus, you can refer to the NOBS= variable before the SET statement. The variable is available in the DATA step but is not added to any output data set.

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Valid in: DATA step and PROC steps. Category: Observation Control. Restriction: Cannot be used with the POINT= option in the SET and MODIFY statements.

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nobs is a SAS automatic variable which contains the number of In such cases, a data step like the following might be just what is needed.

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You cannot use the OBS= data set option when a WHERE statement or WHERE= data set option is specified in the same DATA or PROC step.

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observations in a SAS data set or view, with an optional WHERE clause, and an The NOBS= option also doesn't work with a data step view: data datav1.

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in one SAS data set and outputting another within the DATA step. . (The NOBS= option is done before execution so that nObs is available before the SET.

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1) IML code: */ proc iml; use nobs nobs; read all var{age} into x; close; print nobs; print (nrow(x)); quit; /* 2) Data Step: */ data.

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DATA Step, Macro, Functions and more . Nobs creates a temporary variable (in this case ABC) with the number of observations in the data set.

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In these cases, SAS sets the value of the NOBS= variable to the largest positive Now exercise NOBS while processing a DATA step view.

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Reading fewer observations means that fewer iterations of the DATA step must occur. The SET statement's FIRSTOBS= option tells SAS to begin reading the.