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While accelerating car jerks as if not getting any gas. Low oil pressure comes on. Finally stalls out. This is after replacing engine sensor control.

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Rough idling, frequent stalling, and inconsistent acceleration are all signs which will lead to performance issues, and ultimately cause the vehicle not to start.

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If you haven't changed the oil or had the car serviced then how often do you check the oil? How long can I drive my car without changing the oil, before it dies?.

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Here are the top 6 reasons why your car stalls, and how to resolve the stalling problem. A car that stalls while you're driving is a dangerous situation no matter where it happens. If you're in traffic; Synthetic OIl Change.

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When your car stalls, it means the engine has died, which can be a really frustrating Low fuel pressure (if your car only stalls on inclines this may be the case).

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Does your car chug, sputter, stall or lose power? If the filter is already dirty and worn out, you are not only risking chugging and stalling, in power, acceleration, and fuel economy, as well as engine chugging, sputtering, and stalling. . tune- ups, oil and filter changes, electrical system repair, fluid service.

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If your car is jerking around when you accelerate this is a warning sign that This means that your spark plugs are not igniting the fuel in each.

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If you continue to run the engine with very low oil, destruction will occur and no . . does not get hot, it is ok, but your engine will have accelerated wear. . to crankshaft and engine momentum is too high to stall immediately.