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How many feet of paper are on a roll of paper with a diameter of integers, and by formula that is given by (1/2)(n)(n-1) or (1/2)(n^2-n).

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Knowing the length of a roll just by measuring its diameter can be useful in many The following calculator will simplify the math and will do the calculations for you (with . The advantage of the approximate formula is that it uses only basic.

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There are formulas for it that you can look up on the web, but I'm not You're likely not interested in including the probability of not rolling any.

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Figure out the length of a roll of paper by knowing the diameter of the paper roll, the thickness of The stretch or softness of the paper does not factor in the equation. This is the roll circumference in lineal inches. Handy Math: Calculator for Rolled Length of Roll of Material · Google Notes: Paper Math.

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Probabilities are calculated using the simple formula: So to get a 6 when rolling a six-sided die, probability = 1 ÷ 6 = , or percent.