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What I think is your Monitor probably needs a service. This kind of behavior is not normal. In the cold Season Moisture gets inside and freezes.

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I have a LG50 plasma that when it is cold ie 70 deg or less it will not turn on unless you sit there and keep clicking the remote for cycles or.

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most TVs are built to use by consumers, and they are usually built to work in places have the crystals slow and then freeze at some temperature and won't work at all. TV may not start at all; TV may have frozen LCD display and not display.

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@paintufast start off by removing the back and take a good look at the boards. Since you've already replaced caps on this one, you know what.

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When my Toshiba LCD TV is cold it will not switch on unless I turn it off and on again many times (up to 10 times or more). What could be the problem and how.

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Random one but I have a Samsung PS42A plasma TV that I've got a good bit of use out of over the last ~9 years. However, for the last three months it won't turn on unless I heat the . Is this purely from cold i.e your turning it off at the wall whilst out or when it's in standby mode? Trust . plasma > LCD.

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Whats more drastic then in the very hot or very cold car? (In the winter we switch the LCD for a Reg TV). Top. Log in to post comments. Sun, 10/01/ -

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I turn it on and it shows a black screen. If I leave it like this for about 30 mins then turn it on and off a few times It is a LG 47 inch LCD TV. maybe it is a resistor that is acting up and doesnt let the voltage through until it is.

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Samsung LCD TVs can operate safely in rooms or areas in which temperatures range from 50° F to ° F (10° C to 40° C). Temperatures.