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Kobe Bryant said he tried to show Dwight Howard how to win a championship, but Howard didn't want to deal with the challenge.

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Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant were rarely on the same page during their Dwight Howard said "All we do is talk about the issues we have.

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Dwight Howard shares his side of the story on Kobe Bryant, James Harden, . After the situation in Orlando, I never really came out and said my side of the story .

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If Bryant wanted to call out Dwight Howard for resting his injured "It actually helped us keep our edge, keep our intensity," Bryant said of the.

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Kobe Bryant has never been one to hold back his true feelings, and he once again made his presence felt at the Los Angeles Lakers ' media.

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Is Dwight Howard really worth it? Dwight Sr. said he believed Bryant was trying to motivate his son, but that the advice was misplaced, adding: “The problem is.

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But these words were said by Dwight Howard. get open), former teammates ( here's Kobe Bryant calling him soft, among other mean things).

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Using Instagram, Kobe Bryant reacts to Dwight Howard's decision. off an Achilles injury and will return to a depleted roster that really only has.