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Bollywoods most famous actors, Salman Khan's hair transplant surgery is one of the most high profile celebrity hair loss stories of all time. Since Salman done.

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Check out the list of Bollywood actors who have experienced hair transformations - Salman Khan As the well-known actor started getting.

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By Cosmoin India In the year a rumour about Salman getting hair transplant was The actor has got hair weaving done in the past.

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Here is a look at some of the famous Bollywood names, who have the actor sought professional help and underwent hair transplant to get his.

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While many celebrities have tried to keep their hair transplants under wraps, there the places, where they have gotten their procedures done.

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Celebrities Who Were Balding and Then Got a Hair Transplant: The one former captain of the Indian cricket team was famous for his messy hair. for his don't- mess-with-me atitude, but balding did mess up his hair style.

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Indian Celebrities: Top Bollywood Actors with a Hair Transplant. This is how your favorite stars from Bollywood look now: What if I asked you to imagine them.

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It is no more a secret now that celebrities like Salman Khan, They want to know whether the celebrities undergo hair transplant in India or abroad and if they him for 3 surgeries for good result which he never did again.