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Post videos that involve people being idiots and yelling "it's a prank" (preferably when they receive some sort of retribution).

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Pull Dat Cash Out / December. Original Mix. $ Hip-Hop / R&B. $ You Been Original Mix · Niko, L Raquel · Smile High Club Entertainment.

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plane you reach dair an' you got dat rippin' cord an' you count ten real slow one, two, t'ree, fo', five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten an' CHOO'. Pull dat rippin' cord .

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Pull Dat Cash Out / December. Original Mix. $ Remixers. Label. Genre. Released. Make It Up 2 U Original Mix · Nines, Haile WSTRN · XL Recordings.

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Pull Dat Cash Out / December Lyrics: 30, you a fool for this one / EarDrummers / Mike Will Made-It / Young nigga ballin' like Curry, bitch keep Mob for life that's the way it goes, cross ya out that's the way it go Hurt Real Bad.

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“No wrong house!” I lied, scared as shit. “Shit, I thought you already was, fuck you mean!” I shot back after “How da hell you pull dat off?” I asked Larry.

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emerged from the club both wit a bad bitch on they arm and Freddy five people behind em and I knew this crazy ass nigga wasn't gone do what I think he was. “Man nigga yous hot ass hell what if you could've pulled dat slick ass get away if .

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Let me get you and Annie some cold milk from the springhouse to go with “You might get her to tell you just how far that cussed Tom has gone in his molestation of her. I knowed that Tom was a bad'un the first time I laid eyes on him. I tells Patsy then she better pull dat sheepskin off dat man and see him fer what he is.