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How to Wet Sand a Car. Wet sanding can be used on new paint to provide an even finish and remove what is commonly referred to as the "orange peel" effect, .

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When done right, wet sanding can produce amazing results. Learn to wet sand your car's primer or paint to get the ultimate shine with this.

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Do-It-Yourselfers and novice detailers often ask, “When do I turn to wet-sanding as the best form of paint correction for my vehicle?” It is a.

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Here's how to wet-sand and polish your muscle car for a professional-looking, show car finish.

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This might take you a couple of days to finish. Sandpaper, the wet sanding kind. The grades you will need are and (preferentially the.

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Assuming you are not planning to leave a factory-like orange peel finish on the car, there is one more step: the final wet sand and polish.

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Wet sanding is great for smoothing the surface of a car and enhancing the glow, The objective is to wet sand the vehicle to avoid damage to the paint, so be.