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SUBCKT |name| {node }.SUBCKT declares that a subcircuit of the netlist will be described until command. Subcircuits are called in the netlist by 'X'.

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SUBCKT line works with 5Spice and PSpice. 5Spice also works with 5Spice also allows defining parameters inside a subcircuit lines. See the .

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MOSFET (SPICE model, SPICE subcircuit, SPICE subcircuit 4-pin, and SPICE subcircuit 5-pin) . It accepts most but not all of the PSpice and LTspice syntaxes.

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In LTSpice I would put the sub-circuit definition into a file and call the file On the schematic add the generic NIGBT component (ie the.

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06/11/12; ENEESpring Sub-Circuit Tutorial in PSpice. (using the version found on by Benjamin Press. 1) Create a circuit. I made.

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One of the more useful concepts in PSpice is the use of subcircuits to Second, the use of a subcircuit usually improves clarity by removing.