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Nov 5, One of the most common that comes up is coconut oil for dogs. Many of our customers want to know if coconut oil is good for dogs. To help.

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It's no secret that coconut oil is great for your health, but have you ever heard about the health benefits of coconut oil for dogs? Here are the 7 reasons you.

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Feb 15, Coconut oil for a dog's itchy skin? Here's how it cleared up one dog's skin condition, thanks to its antiviral and antibacterial properties. Coconut.

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To find the best coconut oil, understanding the labels can make all the difference. Smith recommends pet parents use organic, virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil.

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Aug 4, If your dog has a tendency to gain weight, has pancreatitis, or he metabolizes fat inefficiently, you're better off using coconut oil topically or in.

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Jul 30, Finally, using coconut oil to eliminate dry, itchy skin also help combat that stinky " dog smell" that we grow accustomed to living with from time to.