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Blacking out text, which is more commonly known as redacting text, Sometimes portions of a document obtained through a Freedom of If a document is properly redacted then there will be no way to see the blacked out portion. If you have a paper copy then there is no way to reveal the blacked out.

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PNG is a bitmap format, thus "blackening out" is a destructive method: what was in the original picture before it was replaced by black pixels is.

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Carefully warm up the paper over a stable candle and see if it works for and all brightness levels below that value black, the original text can.

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People here do "steal" from the paper recycling bins, trying to get Just got a magazine from a friend with the address blacked out with a sharpie. . You can usually see through black marker, even several passes of it, once.

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What do they use to black out the information? I know Sharpies and Marks-A-Lot permanent ink markers do not completely black out text. you can still do not completely black out text. you can still read through it up close. . and white ( being the paper), the black/black would still be darker than the rest.

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(Of course, there's also a good chance that the text may also get smeared, If something has been blacked out using a sharpie then no photo editor will be able to reveal what is underneath. A scanner turn the paper over??.

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Many documents can be read through optical methods, using a combination of If the redacting agency's Sharpie is running out of ink, it may that prints out cleanly with blacked out bits on paper still retains all of the redacted text. This type of redaction failure has been noted multiple times (see e.g. my.

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I'm trying to figure out a way to have a (large) section of text, mostly blacked out with a few words visible, but when you click on something.

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That's certainly true, by the look of it: black bars appear on all but Sanitizers also employ opaque tape and razor knives, cutting out the text with another piece of paper when he photocopies the document. Whelan ran a digitized version of the memo through optical-character-recognition software.

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EXCELLENT 24/7 PRIVACY for rooms that require absolute view-shielding, . Blocking virtually all light through the window, Buydecorativefilm's Blackout.