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Here is a tutorial Otherwise you could put a statcounter on your blog. In order for someone to send you an ask they have to go to your blog and send it. Since you .

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Anonymous questions are not attached in any way to a Tumblr account. and the blog owner chooses to answer it, you can only find it posted publicly.

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Track Anon ask 1. Right click on “block” link and click (inspect element) for chrome user (view selection source) for mozilla 2. the source will.

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One quirk: You can only respond to anonymous asks publicly, since we don't know who sent it. Enabling asks. To enable the ask feature on the web.

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Okay so we've been getting quite a few requests on how to track the IP of an anonymous user and how to block anonymous users. So here is a.

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If this is a frequently asked question, I apologize in advance. However, my tumblr is known by only a close group of my friends. Someone.

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how to track anonymous asks. haiku-robot: “ xxcopycatxx: “ itsfortissimo: “ ihaileysenpai: “ asktazzieandfriendsreboot.