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Often you find yourself doing the weave pat, you scratch all day and it just doesn't seem to let up. To alleviate the itchies and make your.

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And, scratching and patting your head only seems to work for a little while, or stop – the itching so you can enjoy the beauty of your braids.

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Do make sure you hair is in great shape before installing braids or twists. braid with jojoba (or any other light oil) then tie the braids in a bun.

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Depending on the length and thickness of your braids, you can wear a variety of buns. You can sport your bun in the back of your head or near.

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Whether you want a sleek updo or a loose, effortless look, this roundup of unique braided bun styles has all the hair inspo you need.

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waist length, box braids, long, rope twists, crochet, doy, how They were so long and thick that one huge bun on top of my head was out of the question. Due to the amount of itching and scratching, my scalp on the top and.

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Did you know that your cornrows itching is probably because your hair is too tight and it's pulling on the skin cornrows braids mohawk · A Twist On An Updo.

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Williams also advises against pulling the braids into tight ponytails or buns, because their weight, along with the tension of the tightly pulled.

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While you don't have to wear braids or cornrows to experience scalp itching, many women find that these hairstyles are often one of the causes.